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formidable_mainrenderer Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 _init (&$oForm, $aElement, $aObjectType, $sXPath)
 _render ($aRendered)
 _includeLibraries ()
 _wrapIntoDebugContainer ($aHtmlBag, &$oRdt)
 _wrapIntoForm ($html)
 _getFullSubmitEvent ()
 _getRefreshSubmitEvent ()
 _getDraftSubmitEvent ()
 _getTestSubmitEvent ()
 _getClearSubmitEvent ()
 _getSearchSubmitEvent ()
 _getServerEvent ($sRdtName, $aEvent, $aData=array())
 _getAjaxEvent (&$oRdt, $aEvent, $sEvent)
 wrapEventsForInlineJs ($aEvents)
 _getClientEvent ($sObjectName, $aEvent=array(), $aEventData)
 _getHiddenEntryId ($entryId)
 _getHiddenCustom ()
 _setHiddenCustom ($name, $value)
 _getHiddenHtmlName ($sName)
 _getHiddenHtmlId ($sName)
 _getHtmlId ($sName)
 _getHtmlName ($sName)
 _setFormWrap ($bWrap)
 _setValidation ($bValidation)
 _getThisFormId ()
 _setDisplayLabels ($bDisplayLabels)
 renderStyles ()
 processHtmlBag ($mHtml, &$oRdt)
 recombineHtmlBag ($mHtml, &$oRdt)
 displayOnlyIfJs ($aRendered)

Public Attributes

 $aCustomHidden = null
 $bFormWrap = TRUE
 $bValidation = TRUE
 $bDisplayLabels = TRUE

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