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Public Member Functions

 _doTheMagic ($bShouldProcess=TRUE)
 _hasSearchResults ($sFormId)
 _getSearchResults ($sFormId=FALSE)
 _getSearchInfos ($sFormId=FALSE)
 _getNumResults ()
 _getLinkToPersistedSearchParams ($sFormId=FALSE, $iPageId=FALSE, $aAddParams=array())
 __createCompiledDataSource ()
 _initCols ()
 _initRdtCols ()
 _fieldExists ($sName)
 _initVirtualCols ()
 _isVirtualCol ($sName)
 __processVirtualColumns ($sCompTable)
 __csvValues ($aRow, $sBoundary)
 __createView ($aViewInfos)
 _getPage ()
 _getSortfield ()
 _getSortdirection ()
 _buildSql ($aRs=array(), $sTableName, $sKeyName, $aWheres=FALSE, $aSelects=FALSE)
 _getAdditionalWheres ($aWheres, $sPrefix="")
 __buildDefaultTemplate ($aRows, $aRawRows, $aPaging)
 _injectActiveListableRdt ($aRow, $aRawRow)
 _displayData ($aRows, $aRawRows, $aPaging)
 _getPagingHtml ($aPaging, $aCustomTags, $bDefault=FALSE)
 _getLimit ()
 _getPaging ($aLimit, $iNumRows)
 _getFormData ($bDefault=TRUE)
 _processDuringLister ($aRow)
 _processDuringListerRaw ($aRow)
 _processBeforeSearch ($aData)
 _processBeforeDisplay ($aRow)
 i18n_getSysLanguageUid ()
 enableFields ()

Public Attributes

 $sViewName = ""
 $__aRdtCols = array()
 $__aVirCols = array()
 $sHtmlList = ""
 $aLabels = array()
 $_iNumResults = 0

Detailed Description

Plugin 'dh_lister' for the 'ameos_formidable' extension.

Jerome Schneider <>

Definition at line 8 of file class.tx_dhlister.php.

Member Function Documentation

tx_dhlister::_doTheMagic ( bShouldProcess = TRUE  ) 

Processes data returned by the HTML Form after validation, and only if validated Note that this is only the 'abstract' definition of this function as it must be overloaded in the specialized DataHandlers


Reimplemented from formidable_maindatahandler.

Definition at line 19 of file class.tx_dhlister.php.

References __createCompiledDataSource(), __createView(), formidable_maindatahandler::_allIsValid(), _buildSql(), _displayData(), formidable_maindatahandler::_getFormData(), formidable_maindatahandler::_getFormDataManaged(), _getLimit(), _getPage(), _getPaging(), _getSortdirection(), _getSortfield(), formidable_maindatahandler::_isSubmitted(), formidable_mainobject::_navConf(), _processBeforeSearch(), _processDuringLister(), and _processDuringListerRaw().

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