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Public Member Functions

 _render ()
 _getHumanReadableValue ($data=FALSE)
 _sqlSearchClause ($sValue, $sFieldPrefix="", $sFieldName="", $bRec=TRUE)
 __getDefaultValue ()
 getFirstItemValue ()
 majixReplaceData ($aData)
 majixSetSelected ($sData)
 majixSetAllSelected ()
 majixTransferSelectedTo ($sRdtId, $bRemoveFromSource=TRUE)
 majixMoveSelectedTop ()
 majixMoveSelectedUp ()
 majixMoveSelectedDown ()
 majixMoveSelectedBottom ()
 majixAddItem ($sCaption, $sValue)
 majixModifyItem ($sCaption, $sValue)
 _isMultiple ()
 _flatten ($mData)
 _unFlatten ($sData)
 _getValue ()

Public Attributes

 $sMajixClass = "ListBox"

Detailed Description

Plugin 'rdt_listbox' for the 'ameos_formidable' extension.

Jerome Schneider <>

Definition at line 9 of file class.tx_rdtlistbox.php.

Member Data Documentation


Initial value:

                "rdt_listbox_class" => "res/js/listbox.js"

Reimplemented from formidable_mainrenderlet.

Definition at line 12 of file class.tx_rdtlistbox.php.

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