Feature List

Data Entry

Quick and easy form creation with :

 - text fields
 - rich text editor
 - date inputs
 - multi-upload fields
 - drop down menus
 - radiobuttons
 - and more...

Context control of user generated informations with:

 - Required fields
 - Uniqueness check of value in database
 - Email validation
 - Regex
 - Numeric control
 - File control (size, extension) for upload

Possibility of dividing the form into parts that can be validated separately.

Automatic insertion/modification in database.

Checkpoint to alter data and take action (mail, redirection,...) before and after database recording.


Data display

Data lists

Automatic pagination
Automatic sorting on column of the list
Automatic sorting on each column defined by the application
Fully configurable search in the generated list.
Search, pagination and sort in ajax

Action on a record in the list (edition, deletion)

Template engine

Format function (smart templating)
Condionnal display of element or group of elements in the HTML template
Loop on data

Event programming

Creation of server, client or ajax events on Formidable elements.
Ability to cache ajax events
Library methods simplify the creation of Ajax and client events.
Managing of events collision
Managing dependencies between elements
Creating and managing custom events
Drag N Drop

Generator and programmable objects used in HTML pages.

Processed picture (shaded, ...)
Progress bar
Rich text editor
Text field with autocompletion