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Formidable 2.0.484 is out

Hi folks,

Release 2.0.484 is out. Il fixes a lot of bugs you might have encountered since last release (2.0.475).

See the changelog:

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Get the code while it's hot ! Think SVN checkout

Some useful info that may interest those of you hunting fresh updates. This page will learn you to checkout the Formidable SVN.

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Formidable 1.0.175.SVN available

SVN revision 175 has been built.

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Formidable 1.0.172.SVN available

SVN revision 172 has been built.

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Common issues: Migrating from 0.7.0 to latest version

Quickly find answers to common encountered issues when migrating to Formidable latest version

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Formidable 1.0.0 available

Formidable version 1.0.0 is published on TER !

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