The accordion is a container that allow to display a lot of content in a mimimal space, while remaining easily browsable.


To work properly, the accordion needs the scriptaculous library to be loaded.

To do so, define /meta/libs=scriptaculous

The accordion javascript is MIT-licensed by Stickmanlabs


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path data type req default uobj description
all     This control has applied all the common properties of renderlet.

See renderlet:* section for the complete list of common properties to use.
speedinteger 8  The speed of the animation. Higher is faster. Range from 0 to 10.
classTogglestring; css-class accordion_toggle  A css-class name to set on every non-active accordion handle.
classToggleActivestring; css-class accordion_toggle_active  A css-class name to set on the active accordion handle.
directionstring vertical  One of "vertical", "horizontal". Determines in which direction the accordion expands.
eventstring click  One of "click", "mouseover". Determines which event the accordion will listen to.
widthinteger    The width of the accordion, if forced. By default, the width is automatic.
heightinteger    The height of the accordion, if forced. By default, the height is automatic.


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The accordion will consider it's immediate dependancy (childs) as alternatively the handles and the contents of the accordion.


In that way, a typical implementation is to define the childs of a renderlet:ACCORDION as a groupment of pairs of renderlet:BOX, first of the pair being the handle and the second the content of an accordion panel.