Holds the configuration that is global to the application.



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path data type req def uobj description
   The name of your XML application
The ID of your Formidable application; corresponds also to the id attribute of the <form> tag.
form/actionstring; URL current url
The action type of your Formidable application; corresponds also to the action attribute of the <form> tag.
form/onSubmitstring current url  Value of the html attribute onSubmit on the HTML <form> tag for this application.
form/customstring current url  Additional string that will be included in the <form> tag for this application.
form/methodstring POST  Method of form submission : POST or GET.
Add an anchor on the action of the html form.
false  If true, appends debug information at the bottom of the application. Should be used only in test environment.
true  True, the renderlets will have their labels automatically displayed close to them. False, they wont.
defaultLLLstring; file-path    If you give a path to a locallang resource, Formidable will be able to understand incomplete locallang references like LLL:myfield.label by looking in the given default locallang.
  1. <defaultLLL>EXT:my_extension/pi1/locallang.xml</defaultLLL>
formWrapboolean true  False, to avoid the HTML <form> tag when the form is rendered. It only has sense when all your renderlets are readonly or you are using only a renderlet:LISTER.
debugSendMailcsv-string; email    Emails sent via the tx_ameosformidable->sendMail() method will be diverted to the given email addresses, to ease the debugging process.
  1. <debugSendMail>,</debugSendMail>
majixSpinnerstring; file-path    Alternative image for the Ajax spinner displayed to the user when waiting for an Ajax request to be processed.
  1. <majixSpinner>fileadmin/spinner.gif</majixSpinner>
   Name of the codeBehind that is used for call a function.
codeBehind/pathstring; file-path
   Path of the CodeBehind, followed by the name of the class.
  1. <codeBehind
  2. name="cb"
  3. path="EXT:ameos_test/pi1/class.tx_ameostest_pi1_cb.php"
  4. />
libscsv-string    Third-party libraries to include to page when application initializes.
Possible values are:
  • scriptaculous: scriptaculous javascript framework, core + effects,
  • dragdrop: scriptaculous dragdrop plugin,
  • builder: scriptaculous builder plugin.
  1. <libs>scriptaculous, builder</libs>
exportStylesboolean true  If true, the <style> tags found in your applications will be automatically exported to external files, and included in HTML head.
ajaxCharsetstring utf8  Specify latin1 if ajax requests should be made using iso charset, instead of utf8.
keepInSessionboolean true  If false, Formidable will not hibernate in session, reducing memory usage on the server, but also deactivating the ajax service.
accessibility/useJsboolean true  If false, Formidable will not include the js-layer in the page.
If given, the runneable will be executed when Formidable initializes your application.
end  This property tells Formidable when to execute the given runneable.
  1. <onCheckPoint when="before-render" exec="my_cb.executeBeforeRender()" />

The list of available checkpoints, given in order of execution, is:
  • start,
  • before-compilation,
  • after-compilation,
  • before-init,
  • before-init-renderer,
  • after-init-renderer,
  • before-init-renderlets,
  • after-init-renderlets,
  • before-init-datahandler,
  • after-init-datahandler,
  • after-init,
  • before-render,
  • after-validation,
  • after-render,
  • end.