Revision 164

Revision: 164
Author: jschneiderameos
Date: 11:28:50, mardi 15 janvier 2008

  -> new method getValue(), alias of _getValue()
  -> /data/items has now a new option, fromTCA=true|false; default FALSE; if TRUE, items are taken from TCA array of current tablename for current fieldname (equals renderlet name)
  -> experimenting new section /control/factorize/switchProcess; userobj returning array of "rdtname" => TRUE|FALSE for global action

  -> corrected template bug; htmlbag was not of dotted-notation

  -> applied Manuel's patch for searchform to allow params-passing thru querystring; see

  -> added /isinteger validator

  -> new template methods:
    * rdt("myrdtname") : returns rdt-object of given name
    * somedata.switch("value1", "value2"): if data is TRUE, returns "value1", else "value2"
    * wrapInnerHTML("|"): wraps the given wrap string around innerHTML of given tag
    * echo("value"): echoes given value in place (or returns it if chained with other methods)
    * somedata.equals("value") : returns TRUE if chained data is equals to given value, FALSE if not
    * somedata.isTrue(): returns TRUE if chained data is TRUE, FALSE if not
    * somedata.isFalse(): returns TRUE if chained data is FALSE, FALSE if not
  -> if method is not found on allowed template methods, and current data is of object type (like the return of rdt("myrdtname")), lexer will try to execute method on object

  -> new method _tcaToRdtItems()
Modified : /api/base/rdt_checkbox/api/class.tx_rdtcheckbox.php
Modified : /api/base/rdt_lister/api/class.tx_rdtlister.php
Modified : /api/base/rdt_searchform/api/class.tx_rdtsearchform.php
Modified : /api/base/va_num/api/class.tx_vanum.php
Modified : /api/class.mainrenderer.php
Modified : /api/class.mainrenderlet.php
Modified : /api/class.tx_ameosformidable.php
Modified : /ext_emconf.php
Modified : /ext_typoscript_setup.txt

Revision: 163
Author: jschneiderameos
Date: 15:07:29, mercredi 9 janvier 2008

  -> corrected odd bug of edit-uid handling introduced in rev160;
Modified : /api/class.maindatahandler.php
Modified : /api/class.tx_ameosformidable.php
Modified : /ext_emconf.php
Modified : /ext_typoscript_setup.txt