Revision 1.0.175


Revision: 175
Author: jschneiderameos
Date: 18:59:04, mercredi 12 mars 2008

  -> added intelligent form action handling
  -> added vars $sFormAction, $aFormAction
  -> added $aParamstoRemove, array storing variables no to persist in built URLS (useful in LISTER and form action)
  -> new method isFormActionTransparent(): FALSE if form action has been forced, TRUE if not
  -> new method analyzeFormAction(); returns array of parameters to persist in form action
  -> new method formActionAdd(): add a parameter to the form action URL
  -> new method formActionRemove(): remove a parameter from the form action URL
  -> new method getFormAction(); called by the renderer when wrapping generated HTML in the form-tag
  -> new method setParamsToRemove(): set entries telling Formidable not to persist these params when building links

  -> method _buildLink(): the lister now takes care about banned parameters set with setParamsToRemove() when generating it's links
  -> corrected

  -> adapted to use the new form action management; parameters passed in url to the searchform are now automatically marked as do-not-persist in Formidable, using setParamsToRemove()

  -> improved DB validator; added /unique/tablename and /unique/field to allow va:DB to be used without the need of having a datahandler:DB defined in the application

  -> the Formidable JS framework is now not only minified, but also served as gzip content. This is not made on the fly by Formidable, but updated at each revision; Js standard-size has dropped from 166KB to 31KB

  -> added minify.gzip=1; determines wether or not formidable should serve minified.gzip'd version of the JS framework

  -> gziped version of the minified javascript framework

  -> adds HTTP header "Content-encoding: gzip" before serving formidable.minified.js.gz
Modified : /api/base/rdt_lister/api/class.tx_rdtlister.php
Modified : /api/base/rdt_searchform/api/class.tx_rdtsearchform.php
Modified : /api/base/va_db/api/class.tx_vadb.php
Modified : /api/class.jslayer.php
Modified : /api/class.mainrenderer.php
Modified : /api/class.tx_ameosformidable.php
Modified : /ext_emconf.php
Modified : /ext_typoscript_setup.txt
Deleted : /res/jsfwk/minified/formidable.minified.1000174.js
Added : /res/jsfwk/minified/formidable.minified.js
Added : /res/jsfwk/minified/formidable.minified.js.gz
Added : /res/jsfwk/minified/formidable.minified.js.php

Revision: 174
Author: jschneiderameos
Date: 23:39:56, mardi 11 mars 2008

  -> corrected path inclusion in JS when minified
Modified : /api/class.jslayer.php
Modified : /ext_emconf.php
Modified : /ext_typoscript_setup.txt
Deleted : /res/jsfwk/minified/formidable.minified.1000173.js
Added : /res/jsfwk/minified/formidable.minified.1000174.js

Revision: 173

Author: jschneiderameos
Date: 18:52:59, mardi 11 mars 2008

  -> added methods to determine wether or not to use minified version of javascript

  -> added minify.enabled = 1; means that default behaviour will be to use the minified javascript

  -> this will hold the minified Formidable javascript adapted and renamed for each SVN revision
Modified : /api/class.jslayer.php
Modified : /ext_emconf.php
Modified : /ext_typoscript_setup.txt
Added : /res/jsfwk/minified
Added : /res/jsfwk/minified/formidable.minified.1000173.js
Added : /res/minify
Added : /res/minify/HISTORY
Added : /res/minify/LICENSE
Added : /res/minify/README
Added : /res/minify/lib
Added : /res/minify/lib/jsmin.php
Added : /res/minify/minify.php
Added : /res/minify/minify_formidable.php