Revision 1.0.187


Revision: 187
Author: jschneiderameos
Date: 22:47:49, 10 May 2008

  -> adapted to be able to override img-tag. Use /imageconf/generateTag=boolean, default false. See

Modified : /api/base/rdt_img/api/class.tx_rdtimg.php
Modified : /ext_emconf.php
Modified : /ext_typoscript_setup.txt

Revision: 186
Author: jschneiderameos
Date: 21:48:40, 08 May 2008

  -> _getClientEvent(): now passing event name to this method, and it's javascript equivalent executeClientEvent
  -> processHtmlBag(): automatic channel ".help" has been removed; one should use ".debug()" template-method instead

  -> _getEventsArray(): eventname is now calculated before event handling; adapted call to _getClientEvent()
  -> added majixDoNothing() majix method

  -> _callUserObj(): added a new type of userobj, the javascript userobj; useful for quick-n-efficient client-side renderlet binding

  -> emptied file, weight reasons

  -> added a new "rdt_swfupload" eID service, to be used by renderlet swfupload

  -> added the Formidable.log() js-method; wrapper for console.log()
  -> added FormBaseClass.aParamsStack, FIFO for client events params; used by FormBaseClass.getParams()
  -> added FormBaseClass.getParams() method; return the stacked parameters for the current client event; to be called only in javascript userobj
  -> added FormBaseClass.rdt(sRtName) method; wrapped for FormBaseClass.o(); to be used only in javascript userobj
  -> added eventname and javascript local arguments to the executeClientEvent() method, and modified method consequently
  -> modified executeClientTask() method to use eventname and javascript local arguments; thrower identity is also passed to the method, which allows calls to getParamsForMajix() on the thrower object, for parameter fetching and refinement
  -> added the Formidable.Classes.RdtBaseClass.doNothing() method
  -> corrected the setValue() method by adding required parameter sData to the method

  -> added the new renderlet:SWFUPLOAD, based on the great open-source project
Added : /api/base/rdt_swfupload
Added : /api/base/rdt_swfupload/api
Added : /api/base/rdt_swfupload/api/class.tx_rdtswfupload.php
Added : /api/base/rdt_swfupload/ext_emconf.php
Added : /api/base/rdt_swfupload/ext_icon.gif
Added : /api/base/rdt_swfupload/res
Added : /api/base/rdt_swfupload/res/flash
Added : /api/base/rdt_swfupload/res/flash/swfupload_f8.swf
Added : /api/base/rdt_swfupload/res/flash/swfupload_f9.swf
Added : /api/base/rdt_swfupload/res/js
Added : /api/base/rdt_swfupload/res/js/rdt_swfupload.js
Added : /api/base/rdt_swfupload/res/js/swfupload.cookies.js
Added : /api/base/rdt_swfupload/res/js/swfupload.graceful_degradation.js
Added : /api/base/rdt_swfupload/res/js/swfupload.js
Added : /api/base/rdt_swfupload/res/js/swfupload.queue.js
Added : /api/base/rdt_swfupload/res/js/swfupload.swfobject.js
Modified : /api/class.mainrenderer.php
Modified : /api/class.mainrenderlet.php
Modified : /api/class.tx_ameosformidable.php
Modified : /changelog.txt
Modified : /ext_emconf.php
Modified : /ext_localconf.php
Modified : /res/jsfwk/framework.js
Modified : /res/jsfwk/minified/formidable.minified.js
Modified : /res/jsfwk/minified/formidable.minified.js.gz