Run a Formidable application without making a FE plugin

Formidable comes with two standard plugins you may use to invoke and run your XML application. All you have to do is to provide the path of your XML application.


Discover the developer way of doing the same within one of your own FE plugin here.

1: In the backend, place a new content element on your page

It has to be of type "Insert plugin", of course.



2: Choose the Formidable plugin

In the Plugin list, select "FORMIDABLE_INT cObj (not cached)".


3: Give the path to your XML

It may be located anywhere in your TYPO3 filetree. Provide the path as relative to the TYPO3 file root.

4: Save, and clear FE cache for the page

5: You're done

You may now display the page in your website to see if everything is OK. If not, Formidable will inform you about the problem with a Mayday screen.