The new ticker object

crdate : 2009/03/10

by : Loredana Zeca

 in : Features, Tutorial, Innovation

A new control, used to scroll an HTML, has been created on formidable !

The TICKER control will allow you to generate any kind of content, to display it into a box where it is scrolled.

You will find here some nice effects for scrolling an HTML.

You can simply display a fixed content, which you know already and who must never be changed or you can display a dynamic generated HTML, like the latest news.

To scroll a content, you must choose one of the following directions:

  • in horizontal way, from left to right and vice versa
  • in vertical way, from top to bottom and vice versa

You can also customize the entire content which will be showed on the ticker. For this, you can simply use a /datasource to define the source of data for this control and you can then specify the list of /childs by using the existing renderlets and to design it with the aid of a /template file. 

In fact, this control is a combination of renderlet:LISTER and renderlet:BOX. Now, you can use the same syntax of renderlet:BOX, which has /childs and /datasource, to render more than one single row, like we already did in renderlet:LISTER with /columns. 

Please see here the entire reference of this new renderlet:TICKER. Or, maybe, you only want to see how does it work?

Enjoy it !

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