New autocomplete web control

crdate : 2009/03/31

by : Loredana Zeca

 in : Features, Tutorial, Innovation

A new powerful autocomplete object is now available on formidable

The renderlet :AUTOCOMPLETE is very useful on search engines. It helps the user to find out, faster, the information he needs, by proposing him some choices when he's typing something (on mouse press).

So, this control will be used:

Have a look on the example of autocomplete used on the home page of google search engine :

The list of choices is generated dynamically, based on Ajax Requests, and is fired when the user types something into the input text. So, the time of response is optimal.

What is great with this control is that you can specify a /datasource to use for the list of choices. In fact, this option is required to be set. So, when the user types something, than a query is made on the database in order to update the list of proposals. You can also order and limit the list of choices from your datasource.

It is required to specify the list of /childs to be rendered on this control and how to be rendered with the aid of a /template file.

You can easily configurate and design it, which makes from this renderlet a powerful control.

Hope you'll enjoy using it !

See you soon with detailed examples. For this, you can simply visit the section "Howtos" and home page.

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