Formidable 1.0.0 available

crdate : 2008/03/07

by : Jerome Schneider

 in : Releases

Formidable version 1.0.0 is published on TER !


The long expected official release of Formidable has been released on TER.

It's the shiny result of a year of efforts that sustained the Formidable usergroup.


Big improvements have been made in terms of feature-richness, overall speed, ease-of-use, integration in TYPO3 with Formidable cObj and Formidable in the backend.


We implemented the new lister, datasources, searchforms, ajax events. Formidable is now xhtml valid and more accessible.

We created the the wiki documentation page, the former Formidable homepage and this brand new website.


We hope that you'll enjoy this new release.

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