Project Formidable has a new home

crdate : 2008/03/07

by : Jerome Schneider

 in : Other

Starting on Thursday 2008-03-06, Formidable HQ will be relocated at


The Formidable usergroup is proud to present it's new home to the world,


This website is meant to become the center of the communication around Formidable, covering, to name some:



You'll notice that almost every page in the website has a comment-box, either at the bottom of the page or at the top of the right column. So be bold, don't hesitate to comment on what's said or shown and share your point of view.


To illustrate your technical papers, a pastebin is also available. There you can cut/paste your code snippet and share it with the community.


You can also browse the code library, regrouping all snippets that have already been submitted.


The Features section will highlight some tech-details of Formidable.

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